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News ( Todays date: 04-06-20 12:53:36 )

# Date Announcement
New! 26-05-2020 New items and new command!
New! 21-05-2020 Kicks Market Enabled
New! 16-05-2020 Clubs Update 3.0!
New! 29-04-2020 Extra experience bonus
New! 28-04-2020 Clubs Update 2.0!
New! 21-04-2020 Max level reward feature added
New! 12-04-2020 New implementations in the game!
New! 03-04-2020 Game Updates and bug fixes
New! 01-04-2020 EXTREME Easy Experience Mode until 04/04/04
New! 01-04-2020 Tournament 4vs4 mode scheduled
New! 25-03-2020 New ranking system!
New! 25-03-2020 New site is now available!
New! 25-03-2020 Kicks Online available on Steam!
New! 25-03-2020 New tournament system!



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