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One of the fundamental characteristics that differentiates this game from another that can be found on the same theme, are the elements of an MMO that can be found in it, and it is the case of the attributes of each character. These provide great freedom to arm your player in the way they most conveniently create and adapted to the style of play they want to carry with them, however ... What exactly does each one of them do?

It is the base speed that the character possesses when moving with or without the ball, without holding down the Shift key. The change is not very differential at low values, that is, if you add 10 points the difference will not be noticeable in the speed of the character.

Is the resistance that your character has when you're running pressing SHIFT. More points on the attribute, more slow the blue bar will go down, there's notorious changes when u put 10 points on the attribute.

Is the speed that your character has with and without the ball pressing SHIFT. There's a notorious change when you add points on the attribute. This is one of the most important and overpowered stats, its so good for Defenders that plays offensive/defensive also for WF (FW) wich this forward its suppose to be faster position in game

As the name says ball control, more points more hard for other characters to steal/tackle you, this stat is really good for CF and AMF, and some defenders as SB use this stat.

Is the capacity of your character to make dribbles successfully  without getting downed by a unsuccessfully dribble. More points, more hard it would be to for defenders and other players to take the ball from you when you're dribbling. Some players says that more points on dribbling u will be faster with the ball on your control

More points > more successfully your character will be when it comes to steal the ball from other players.

Same as STEALING: More points > more successfully tackling.

This stat is perfect for ST (Fw) and some defenders use it like CB and others. This stat increases the chances of scoring a goal by heading when someone cross you a ball. More points more chances to score

Increases the chances to score a goal near the enemies area (goalkeeper) perfect for FW ( ST will need later and some AMF players use this stat too) 

Increases the chances to score a goal by a far distance from the enemy goalkeeper area, but this sometimes depends if you're mark or not, if you're not mark you have more chances to score.

Increases the speed and highness of the cross that your character makes. More points, more far and high the ball will go, this stat make it harder for the defenders to take the ball from you when they're close enough to you.

Increases the speed and precision of your short passes that your character makes. More points, more faster and less accurate your passes would be with the key S.

Its exactly the same as SHORT PASS, but here you use the key A. More points more precise and more distance your pass would go. (CROSSING is not the same as LONG PASS, u can long pass wherever on the map unless the CROSSING AREAS, u would see the crossing areas on the tutorial)

Increases the ratio of successfully winning a favorable position when you are around other players in a close ratio, this is good for defenders for winning position against Strikers (ST).

Something very important to note is that these values only indicate success rates, except for the agility, sprint or resistance values that do directly affect the character. That you have a short shot to the maximum, or a long shot, or mastery to the maximum, does not mean in any way that it will be impossible to take the ball from you, or that all the shots you make will enter the goal without further ado.