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Bigodes [SB20] - My Char
Hey guys,
[Image: Dkl3Jjw.png]
This is my SB.

I'm thinking of developing speed and long pass. Do you guys advice marking (bodycheck)?

And a nice 5 vs 5 game:
[Image: 3WBMnpG.png]
True story: after this print screen, blue team actually made a goal in the last second, the game was drawn and we lost in the golden goal ahah
ps: don't mind the chat

My char: Bigodes
Account: strider

Thank you  Cool
I played with u VERY VERY PRO SB!, youre so good on blocking shoots! keep up the good work!
Thank you very much! :D and I just saw your twitch - it's awesome man :D hope it will bring new player for the community
good char, and nice dude too play
Hey, Thanks for sharing ??

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