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Hello so first of all I would like to thank you for the work you put into the server.

But there is one thing that I and probably many new players don't like and that is the huge level difference to other players.

Sure they have been playing the game for a while but they also had a huge advantage and that was at Server Begin 30-50k quest and they are gone now? That means that new players level up slower than them.

Now my suggestion would be to make it at least a little bit more interesting again and raise the exp for under 30 players a little bit more because I say that a team of under 30+ players doesn't stand a chance against 2-3 40+ players and that's really discouraging and they stop playing.

So if you want to keep the game alive then think about the exp. Speaking of the next point, I think it's great that you are starting an easy EXP event but it should probably take place on a Sunday, there are still a lot of people who have to work on Saturdays and don't have anything from this event. Love greetings and keep up the good work with your server.

Ps: sry the whole thing was translated with DeePL

Translated with (free version)

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Hello Urmel,

Take in mind that suggestions and feedbacks can be done only through the support system , that way we assure that each suggestion is received by our Admins and Developers.

Regarding your suggestion, the Patch 2.0 will have experience changes by giving much more experience to NEW PLAYERS until level 20 (currently its set at 18) , additionally to that new players receive special items for 30 days when creating the character.

The rates of the experience are still undisclosed by the admins but we should hear soon an update about it.

Hope you find this information useful, stay safe!

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