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CRAZY Sunday | 2000 KASH GIFT for the Kicks Lovers!
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This Sunday was crazy!

The game had some crashes and disconnects the whole day , but with the support of the community and the current online players that
stayed online & still playing and reporting when it was happening again , we want to thank you all for the support.

The Kicks Online Staff has rewarded with 2000 KASH to all the current online players that remained online until the bug was fixed.

Total online players at the time of the event: 12

Quote:1. Sforza (LOBBY)
2. Doshy (LOBBY)
3. fixxeer (PRACTICE SERVER)
4. Charminbar (Room 1)
5. XXX (Room 1)
6. Naruto (Room 1)
7. Stinger (Room 1)
8. Jleks (Room 1)
9. Sphera (Room 1)
10. Bowser (Room 1)
11. MuortEFamm (Room 1)
12. Showstopper (Room 1)

This means a lot coming from Kicks Online Community which is more than 12 years old.

Thank you all for the support & help  Heart

The Kicks Online Staff.

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