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Tutorial | How to exchange Event Points
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Meanwhile our development team is working on automate the exchange of Event Points from the userpanel automatically , the Kicks Online staff will do it manually until it is finished and implemented.

Simple steps to exchange your Event Points:

1. Log in your Kicks Online userpanel
[Image: b3458ba9d44506dc7581eec565839546.png]

2. Once logged in the userpanel , open an support request (Ticket) - On type select: "Other"

In the ticket mention what you would like to receive - Example:

Quote:I would like to exchange my Event Point for $5 USD in PayPal.

My Paypal address is:

Thank you.

3. The request will be sent to our Staff and they will manually take care of the exchange and they will keep your ticket updated once the exchange has been completed.
[Image: 44491e1504aee405c6ad37ad43b7b2b3.png]

For more information about Event Points:

We are not sure how long the development will take , but this will be a temporary solution for all these players who wish to exchange their Event Points in Kicks Online.


rikotis Offline
Junior Member
I believe you made this tutorial after asking you on discord haha

thank you

IdiotaMental Offline
Junior Member
Obrigado por dar as recompensas tão rápidas, 3x já que resgato $5 e todas vezes foram muito rápidas! Belo trabalho da staff Big Grin

Thank you for giving the rewards so fast, 3x since I redeem $ 5 and all times were very fast! Nice work by the staff Big Grin

mateepx Offline
Junior Member
It's the third time that I sell event points for paypal usd , they are very fast and legit.

hopefully you can make it automatic and finish it faster, but i dont mind sending tickets neither you are very fast  Smile

GOOD JOB staff!

lovistory Online
Junior Member
Thanks for the rewards! Smile

Shinnok Offline
Junior Member
Thanks for the rewards! safe and fast

Kikyo Offline
The procedure is the same for exchanging your Kicks Points.

The reward list will be updated in the near future soon , once we have the new list of rewards we will announce it on the website.

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