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DF: The starting class for defenders. A defender prevents an opponent from scoring.
All defenders need to invest in agility, endurance and marking. SB and CB prefer tackling as the ball winning stat, while SW can also use stealing.

SW: The last man of the team, equipped with bodycheck skills to push opponents in his own area.
The SW is a physical position and needs a lot of marking, his skills are made to counter ST.
However, the SW does not have a blocking skill like the SB or the CB, which makes him vulnerable to long shots.

Important stats: Marking, Endurance, Agility, Stealing or Tackling

SB: A secondary defender that ideally defends higher up the pitch, his job is to block long shots from midfielders and man mark fast opponents. If you want to play SB, be sure to master the Mountain Block and also make use of fast sprint to quickly catch up to the man you're defending.

Agility/Endurance or running, Tackling, Marking

CB: The CB is an aggressive defender who can command the entire pitch and be of use offensively because of his heading. The CB seeks to win back the ball as fast as possible and start a counter-attack.

Agility, Endurance, Tackling, Marking (add a bit of heading depending on your playstyle)


MF: The midfielder has a versatile role, meaning that its the easiest to adapt to your own playstyle. The midfielder contributes both offensively and defensively. His main task is to create chances for teammates by means of swift and accurate passing and intercepting loose balls.
All midfielders need to invest in agility and endurance.

AM: The attacking midfielder has powerful shooting abilities that emphasize his ability to score goals. In addition, the AMF has skills to finish rebounds and be more proficient from direct shots.

Important stats: Long shots, Agility, Endurance.

SM: A fast winger that focuses on creating chances from crosses and scoring by means of long shots. They are offensively inclined but also contribute defensively. Learning to use the Beckham Cross properly is the main challenge when playing this position.

Important stats: Agility, Endurance, Long Shots, Crossing 

CM: The center midfielder is a versatile playmaker with various passing skills in his arsenal. He also has the strongest interception skill in the game, which is called the Steal Catch. It's instrumental to intercept low passes and loose balls.

Important stats: Agility, Endurance, Stealing, Long Shots, Short Pass (depends on playstyle)

DM: The defensive midfielder is a disruptor focused on winning back the ball and slowing down opponents. He can pull opponents and prevent them from moving properly. It is a physical position.

Important stats: Agility, Endurance, Marking, Tackling or Stealing (depends on preference), Heading (depends on playstyle)


FW: The forward focuses mostly on scoring and creating goals and isn't of much use defensively.

CF: The CF is a deep-lying forward that can function as primary or secondary scoring outlet. He can set up another striker with pinpoint short passes, or semi-camp and play off the shoulder of the last defender, preying on direct shots. His main asset is his stellar ball control that makes it relatively tough to take the ball from him, so he can carry the ball quite a distance by means of basic dribbling
skills. When in front of goal he has some tools to fool defenders such as the fake turn side kick.

Important stats: Ball control, Short shots, Agility, Endurance and a bit of Marking if preferred (so dribbles can knock down opponents)

ST: The ST is a target man who spearheads the attack with powerful heading abilities. His heading abilities allow him to score from various angles, making him difficult to defend against at times.

Important stats: Heading, Marking, Agility, Endurance.

WF: The WF is a speedy dribbler who can score very easily. He has the best dribbling skills in the game and also some crosses to create chances for teammates. The WF focuses on quickly penetrating space with rapid movement, then scoring with Turn Round Shot or laying off the ball to a teammate.

Important stats: Short shots, Dribbling, Agility, Endurance.

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Hi Davy,

Thank you for these two tutorials , we appreciate it!

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