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1. Spamming on our social groups / forum or in game it's forbidden.

2. Inappropriate language on our social groups / forum like insults or racism it's forbidden.

3. Sending any kind of gore / porn / spam content in our social groups or forum it's forbidden.

4. Impersonate an GM or Administrator it's forbidden.

5. Bug Abusing or the use of any kind of hack within game it's forbidden.

6. Creating multiple accounts in the forum it's forbidden.

7. Logging in Kicks Online using multiple accounts at same time from same IP it's forbidden.

8. Club creation cannot contain offensive names / racism or any similar name of a club that was already created.

9. Banned players will not able to log in their userpanel , buy or transfer kash , post their characters in the Kicks Market or anything related to the website features or ingame.

10. Selling or trading characters outside the Kicks Market Platform it's forbidden and at your own risk.

11. Boost intentional in Club Server Points to get club points easier it's forbidden.

12. Payment chargebacks / disputes on payment processors it's forbidden.

13. Characters deleted cannot be re-created with same the same old name , unless the name was changed before the deletion.

14. Account Support & Help only available using the ticket system on the userpanel.

15. Opening multiple tickets regarding the same matter it's forbidden , tickets are all received and answered by the staff it's not necessary to create multiple tickets about same matter.

By registering you agree to the rules specified on the official website:

Any information you provide on these forums will not be disclosed to any third party without your complete consent.

By continuing with the sign up process you agree to the above rules and any others that the general rules specifies.

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