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Kicks Online | Buy KASH with Skrill

LOAD KASH - Skrill

Get KASH directly to your account using Skrill as gateway payment processor

Pricing table:



500 KASH $5.00 USD
1000 KASH $10.00 USD
2000 KASH $20.00 USD
3000 KASH $30.00 USD
4000 KASH $40.00 USD
5000 KASH $50.00 USD
10000 KASH $100.00 USD

Payment message: Include your account unsername

1. To pay with Skrill simply choose the kash package you wish to receive and proceed with the payment - Example 1000 KASH:

2. Make sure to add message on the payment and include your account username.

3. This process is done manually, once payment is sent we will add the KASH to your account as soon as possible.

For inquiries contact: