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Kicks Online | General Rules

Kicks Online is a free to play P2P game, everyone is free to create his own room and have their own rules.
However there are a few general rules that everybody must respect

1. Spamming on our social groups or in game it's forbidden.

2. Inappropriate language on our social groups like insults or racism it's forbidden.

3. Sending any kind of gore / porn / spam content in our social groups it's forbidden.

4. Impersonate an GM or Administrator it's forbidden.

5. Bug Abusing or the use of any kind of hack within game it's forbidden.

6. Creating multiple accounts in the forum it's forbidden.

7. Logging in Kicks Online using multiple accounts at same time from same IP it's forbidden

8. Club creation cannot contain offensive names / racism or any similar name of a club that was already created

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