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ffg The game is now available for free on Steam Platform

The Kicks Online team is pleased to announce that the game download is now officially available on the Steam platform. All accounts and characters created continue and will remain, players can choose to play from Steam or with the original client downloaded from our official website.

The implementation of Kicks Online to Steam to get more audience and players not only depends on the Kicks Online Staff, but also on the community itself, that is why we request the collaboration of all players!

Through the Steam platform you can invite your friends to play by sending them a request, that request once accepted the game is downloaded automatically, share the URL of the Kicks Online Steam Store to your friends!

On the same Steam page we have images and videos of the game, the operating system requirements necessary to run the game and much more information related to the game.

We hope that this news is to your liking, the Kicks Online team is working day by day for new implementations!

Posted by Dervet 27/03/2020