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ffg Kicks Market Enabled - 21/05/2020

ffgffg Exchanging & Selling characters feature is now available!

We have added a new page on the userpanel called 'Kicks Market'.

As of now all the players will be able to publish their character on the Kicks Market , allowing them a variety of options available to use.

Enabled Options available:

Trade 1:
Exchange ONE character for ONE character.

Trade 2:
Exchange TWO characters for ONE character.

Trade 3:
Sell ONE character for KASH.

Important notes:
We suggest to read the Kicks Market Terms , you can do that on the forum or click here.
You can view your Kicks Market Log Historial on the userpanel under the tab 'My exchanges'
Use the 'Kicks Market' forum section to view offers from other players - click here.

Posted by Dervet 21/05/2020