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ffg Clubs Update 2.0 - 28/04/2020

ffg ffgClubs Update 2.0 - Uniforms enabled.

We are pleased to inform that we have made some updates in the Club System and now the uniforms are available to purchase for everybody.

As of now each Club Captain will have the ability to purchase an uniform for their club , this simply process can be done either from the game on the Items Shop or on the userpanel of the club founder.

Item price: 4000 Club Points / 500 Kash

On the clubs page now appears the uniform status of each club:

Not Purchased 1
This message will show up only if the Club Captain has not bought the uniform yet.

This message will show up after the uniform is purchased but was not activated.

Uniform enabled 3
This message will show up if your club has the uniform purchased and activated succesfully.

To view the Club Points you can do that in the game under the tab User Info - "Club Information" , you can also do that in the clubs page.

Posted by Dervet 28/04/2020