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FAQ - Guide and Help

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#host name Transfer the host to another player
#progress Display the experience required to reach the next level
#who host 1 Display who is the host on the room 1
#gt Display the time left for the next Golden Time to be enabled
#ct Display the time left for the next Club Time to be enabled
#timeleft 1 Display the time left for the match to end of the room 1
#commands Display all the comands in Kicks Online
#rewards Display Rewards
#observer Enable / Disable Observer Mode
#servers Display the global servers information
F12 KEY Takes an instant screnshoot of the game and save it on the folder of Kicks Online


Players will receive free rewards for playing Kicks Online.

List of rewards:

1) New characters will receive automatically a full and free uniform for 7 days once the character is created , their experience rate is easier and much higher than the usual one until reaching level 18.
Stats: +10 Agility
Stats: +10 Ball Control

2) The characters that reach level (25) will receive automatically a free backpack for 30 days added to the character inventory.
Stats: +10 Agility

3) The characters that reach level (30) will receive automatically a free Muffler for 30 days added to the character inventory.
Stats: +10 Endurance

4) The characters that reach level (45) will receive automatically 1000 KASH for free loaded as reward on the account.

5) The characters that reach level max (60) will receive automatically:

- Legend Tag
- 5000 KASH for free added as reward on the account.
- Free and permanent item added to the character inventory.
Stats: +10 Ball Control

Kicks Market is an feature that allow players to trade their characters on a safe way using our automatic system , a variety trading options available:

Kicks Market trade options available:

Option #1:
Exchange ONE character for ONE character
Option #2:
Exchange TWO characters for ONE character
Option #3:
Sell a character for KASH

For more information regarding Kicks Market and the terms of usage visit the Kicks Market Terms page clicking here.

Kicks Tube is a public gallery of the community of Kicks Online , all the content uploaded will be automatically displayed on the official website , this feature allows players to share their images and videos in game , allowing everyone to view your post , comment them and much more!

This feature allow players to share their pictures and videos , insert an title and description and share it on the official website of Kicks Online.

To use this function log in the userpanel of your account clicking here.

Upload and share your content by pressing on the button Kicks Tube!

Kicks Points are special and unique points that are linked to your account , you can exchange the Kicks Points for a variety of special options of your own choice!

Exchange the Kicks Points for amazing rewards in-game such as (Special items +15 , real money , and much more!)

The Kicks Points are transferible from one account to another and can be also obtained by participating in the
Scheduled and ongoing events , these will always appear on the Launcher under tab 'EVENTS' and in our official forum 'EVENTS' section.

Kicks Online is the unique freestyle football free game that rewards the players with real money by just playing and obtaining Kicks Points, you can sell those for a variety of payment methods available for all the countries over the world

Accumulate the kick points as much as you can , and exchange them for real money simple & fast.

Payment withdrawal options:
1) PayPal
2) Bitcoin
3) Skrill
4) Neteller
5) Bank Transfer
6) Uala
7) Amazon Gift Card (

How to earn money playing?

More information can be found clicking here!

Our website interacts with the game server , allowing the users to do a a variety of different actions from the userpanel.

Some of the most popular functions:

Change the name of your character
Create , delete or join an club
Buy primary and secondary uniform for an club
Kicks Market System
Kicks Tube System
Kicks Support Ticket System
Transfer KASH to any other account
Transfer Kicks Points to any other account
And much more features!

If you need assistance with the game , with your account or anything else related to Kicks Online , you can contact the staff through the support ticket system on the userpanel clicking here.

Our normal response time frame is up to (2) days , but usually we respond quicker. Once a ticket is answered you will be notified via email.

In case you cannot access your account , contact us to our
(Alternative mail option)


Kicks Online is and always will be a free game available for everybody , we use the game donations to pay with real money ( $ USD ) amazing rewards to our players and to cover the gameserver costs.

KASH can be obtained on different ways!

1. Purchasing it and contributing the project - Buy KASH on your userpanel or either by clicking here.
2. Events - Get KASH by participating on the events and giveaways , view the events page  clicking here.
3. Leveling up - Get 1000 KASH At level 45 | Get 5000 KASH At level 60
4. From a friend - Ask any of your friends to send you some KASH to your account

The Golden time is an feature that when is enabled, players in-game receive more experience in all matches modes (3vs3,4vs4,5vs5) , also the missions gets better reward than normal. To view the hour time for golden time click here

The Club time is an feature that when is enabled, players can join the "Club Server Points" and obtain club points which can be used for (Buy uniform primary and secondary , buy back number) , the club with more Club Points
will be on the Club Rank Top 5 on the official website , to view the table for Club Time click here

If you find somebody breaking the general rules you can report it to the staff to investigate and take actions , all game matches are safely logged and we will make sure to make Kicks Online fair for everyone
the game staff can penalize and ban you from the game permanently and being excluded of the community.

You can contact the administrator directly from the userpanel if you need to report anything of the below options:

1) Report a player
2) Report a staff member
3) Report a game match with the #ID
4) Report a bug

To contact directly the admin for an report , log in the userpanel and select the "Support" page , on type ticket select: 'REPORT'' and the message will be delivered to the admin for review.

If you are experiencing any kind of problem when running the game you can fix these by clicking here

In case that you need further help please contact us through the support system.

Kicks Online it's a freestyle football P2P game with own-hosted rooms , however the game itself have list of rules that the community must respect and follow.

View the general game rules by clicking here. 

The server is constantly incorporating new members to the staff.

If you have abilities on game development , SEO , Moderation , Event Manager , or just want be a volunteer and contribute to the game , feel free to apply us and send a Staff Request using the
following form clicking here


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